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2-ethylhexyl hydrogen -2-ethylhexylphosphonate P507

CAS No.: 14802-03-0

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Chemical Name: 2-ethylhexyl hydrogen -2-ethylhexylphosphonate

Molecular Formula: C16H35O3P

Formula Weight: 306.42

CAS No.: 14802-03-0

package : 20kg/drum,175kg/drum

Property: Colorless or light yellow transparent oily liquid, soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol and acetone, insoluble in water, ignition point 228 ℃, low toxicity.

Purpose: Used for the extraction and separation of rare earth, nickel, cobalt, and other metals.

Packaging: Packed in lined plastic iron drums or plastic drums, with a net weight of 200 kilograms or 180 kilograms per drum. It can also be packaged according to user requirements.

Transportation and storage: Store in a well ventilated and dry warehouse. During transportation, handle with care and do not invert.

Item Specifications
Diester Content, % ≥95.0
Mono octyl Ester,% ≤2.0
Chroma(Pt—Co) ≤100
Phase separation speed(S) ≤100
Phase separation speed(S) ≤1%
Acid value(mg KOH/g) 159—189
Density(20℃)g/ml 0.9736—0.9756
Viscosityμ20CPS 42±3
Flash Point(Open cup)℃ ≥160
efractive index(N20D) 1.4434—1.4444

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