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Ammonium thiosulfate ATS

CAS No.: Cas:7783-18-8

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Name: Ammonium thiosulfate


Packaging: 250kg /drum or 1300kg/drum

Storage:  It should be placed in ventilation low-temperature drying.

Performance and application

Appearance: colorless liquid.

Application: Ammonium thiocyanate is also known as ammonium thiocyanate, for the synthesis of insecticides buprofezin intermediate tert-butyl isothiocyanate and insecticide azoximycin, fungicide levodiazide, herbicide fluoride thiophene Herbicides and the like, and it is also used as an auxiliary raw material for the production of hydrogen peroxide and as a dye, an organic synthesis polymerization catalyst.

Item Specifications
Characteristics Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
Content 56-60%
pH 20℃ 8-9
Proportion 20℃ 1.30-1.32
Sulfite ≤1%
Heavy Metal(By Pb) ≤0.001%
Iron(Fe) ≤0.001%


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