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CAS No.: 7790-76-3

Appearance: white powder

Assay:96% min


Uses: It can be used as toothpaste abrasives, paint fillers, phosphors for electrical equipment, food grade calcium pyrophosphate as buffer, neutralizer, nutritional supplement, yeast nutrition.

Packaging :25 kg /bag

Storage: It should be placed in ventilation low-temperature drying


CAS No.:

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Item Specifications
appearance White powder
Assay 96% min
P2O5 55-56%
Loss on ignition(800℃±25℃30 minutes) 1% max
Fluoride 50ppm max
Cadmium 1ppm max
Arsenic(As) 3ppm max
Lead(Pb) 2ppm max
Heavy metal 15mg/kg max

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