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Copper calcium titanate CCTO

CAS No.: 12336-91-3

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Chemical Name: Copper calcium titanate

Molecular Formula: CaCuO6Ti2

Formula Weight: 295.3544

CAS No.:12336-91-3

package : 25kg/bag

The copper calcium titanate CaCu3Ti4O12 compound (CCTO) has a cubic crystal structure of perovskite. Recently, literature has reported that CaCu3Ti4O12 has an anomalous giant dielectric constant( ε≈ 104-105) and extremely low loss (tg δ≈ 0.03), especially in a wide temperature range (100-400K), the dielectric constant value remains almost unchanged, reflecting the high thermal stability of the dielectric response. And there is no need for special manufacturing processes, and the sintering temperature is not high, around 1000 ℃~1100 ℃, which is a property that ordinary dielectric materials cannot achieve. These excellent comprehensive properties make it possible to be widely applied in a series of high-tech fields such as high-density energy storage, thin film devices (such as MEMS, GB-DRAM), and high dielectric capacitors. However, the biggest abnormality of this type of material lies in the sharp decrease in dielectric constant when cooled below 100K( ε≈ 100), X-ray diffraction (XRD), Raman scattering, and neutron diffraction analysis showed that no phase transition on the long-range structure was observed even after cooling to 35K. XRD analysis indicates that this characteristic contradicts the explanation provided by ferroelectric localized polar moment co ordering.

Item Specifications
CCTO (molar ratio) 0.99~1.01
Particle size(D50) μm 2.0~4.0
Fe2O3(wt%) <0.01
SrO(wt%) <0.05
Na2O+K2O(wt%) <0.01
Al2O3(wt%) <0.1
SiO2(wt%) <0.1
H2O(wt%) <0.5
Lg-Loss(wt%) <1.0

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