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EDTA- mix

CAS No.: EDTA- mix

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Chemical Name: EDTA mix

package: 25kg/ bag

EDTA chelated trace element fertilizer can quickly solve the symptoms caused by nutrient deficiency in crops, enhance photosynthesis, accelerate nitrogen metabolism, promote biological nitrogen fixation, enhance crop resistance, facilitate the formation and transformation of sugars, and facilitate the formation of plant auxin such as indoleacetic acid, thereby promoting crop growth and development, promoting plant health, promoting flowering and fruiting, enhancing drought resistance, cold resistance, disease resistance, and reducing crop diseases occurrence

Parameter Guaranteed Value
Appearance Light Yellow Powder
Fe chelated by EDTA 6.75-7.48%
Mn chelated by EDTA 3.23-3.74%
Zn chelated by EDTA 0.95-1.1%
Cu chelated by EDTA 0.71-0.82%
pH 6.0-8.0
Heavy Metal (Pb Content) ≤20ppm

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