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Ferrous sulfate heptahydrate

CAS No.:

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Chemical Name: Ferrous sulfate heptahydrate

Molecular Formula: FeH14O11S

Formula Weight: 278.01

CAS No.: 7782-63-0

Main properties

Ferrous sulfate is prone to oxidation into yellow or rust color in humid air. Soluble in water, the concentration of ferrous sulfate solution is generally around 10%. As a coagulant, it has large coagulation particles, good vegetable water solubility, fast sedimentation, and excellent color removal effect. The cost of ferrous sulfate treatment agent is low, and it is suitable for wastewater treatment with a pH value of 8.5 or above.

Application of ferrous sulfate:

Nickname: ferrous sulfate, ferrous sulfate heptahydrate, green alum, drying type ferrous sulfate. It can be used as a reducing agent in electroplating factories, as a flocculant in industrial wastewater, as a precipitator in printing and dyeing factories, as a raw material for iron red factories, as a raw material for pesticide factories, as a raw material for fertilizer factories, as a fertilizer for ferrous sulfate flowers, and so on. Widely used for flocculation, clarification, and decolorization of printing and dyeing, papermaking, domestic wastewater, and industrial wastewater. Ferrous sulfate can also be used to treat wastewater containing chromium and cadmium. High alkalinity and high chromaticity wastewater treatment can reduce the large investment of neutralization acid.


Ferrous sulfate has many functions, such as being used as fertilizer for plants, regulating soil acidity and alkalinity, increasing sudden iron content, etc. It is widely used in agricultural production and daily flower cultivation. Ferrous sulfate is still a raw material for industrial production of iron salts, and can also be used for industrial wastewater treatment and sewage treatment in many industries. In the treatment of urban domestic sewage, ferrous sulfate has strong phosphorus removal effects. High quality ferrous sulfate is also used in food additives and pharmaceutical production to improve anemia, but it requires medical advice to take.

Usage method

When using ferrous sulfate, first prepare a 5% -10% aqueous solution and then add it to the raw water. Adjust the pH value of the raw water to 9-11 with lime, resulting in a more ideal effect. Advantages of ferrous sulfate heptahydrate: cheap price, good decolorization effect, large flocculent alum, and sedimentation. Under acidic conditions, reducing agents such as ferrous sulfate, sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, sulfur dioxide, etc. are added to reduce hexavalent chromium to trivalent chromium. Then, sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, lime, etc. are added to adjust the pH value to generate trivalent chromium hydroxide precipitates and separate them from the wastewater.

Appearance Bluish green crystal powder
Purity(FeSO4·7H2O) 98% min
Ferrous(Fe) 19.7% min
Arsenic(As) 0.0002% max
Lead(Pb) 0.001% max
Cadmium(Cd) 0.001% max

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