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CAS No.: 517-28-2

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Chemical Name: Hematoxylin

Molecular Formula: C16H14O6

Formula Weight: 302.28

CAS No.: 517-28-2

Hematoxylin Chemical Properties
Melting point 200 °C (dec.)(lit.)
Boiling point 363.32°C (rough estimate)
density 1.2514 (rough estimate)
vapor pressure 0-0Pa at 20-25℃
refractive index 1.4600 (estimate)
storage temp. Keep in dark place,Inert atmosphere,Room temperature
solubility Soluble in 95% ethanol(1 mg/mL).
form Powder/Solid
Colour Index 75290
pka 6.7(at 25℃)
color Yellow to Brown
PH Range Red (0.0) to yellow (1.0);Pale yellow (5.0) to violet (6.0)
λmax 292nm, 445nm, 560nm
Sensitive Light Sensitive
Merck 14,4637
BRN 91399

Stability: Stable, but may discolour on exposure to light. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.

Major Application Plasma displays, textiles, hair dyes, identifying fresh and stale rice, diag-nosing cancer progression, detecting nosing cancer progression, cervical disease, central nervous system malfunctions, detecting genes, breast cancer, collagen in a tissue sample, apoptosis, demyelinating diseases, antigens, treatment of age-related macular degeneration, burns, prostate cancer, diabetesand obesity, viral diseases, neoplasms, peripheral neural and vascular ailments, skin disorders, biotechnological applications, reference standard materials for cytology, histology andimmunohistochemistry

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