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Monopotassium phosphite MPK

CAS No.: CAS No.: 13977-65-6

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CAS No.: 13977-65-6

Molecular Fomula: H2KO3P

Molecular weight:  120.09

Appearance: White crystal



It can be used as a direct fungicide and a complexing agent for calcium and magnesium ions in industrial circulating water. It can replace the organic phosphine water treatment agent to reduce environmental pollution.

Packaging and Shipping 

25 kg/bag


It should be placed in ventilation low-temperature drying


tem Specifications
Appearance White crystal
Main content

(KH2 P O3 ) ≥%

Insoluble Solid in Water ≤% 0.3
K2O ≥% 38
P2O5 ≥% 58
Cl ≤% 0.01
Fe ≤‰ 0.002
Pb ≤% 0.0001
PH 4.0


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