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Peptone 100% soy

CAS No.: 73049-73-7

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Chemical Name: Peptone

Molecular Formula: C13H24O4

Formula Weight: 244.32726

CAS No.: 73049-73-7

Peptone Usage And Synthesis

Uses Peptone is used in nutrient media for growing bacteria and fungiMeat Peptone is used for routine and mass scale cultivation of organisms, which is utilized for the production of antibiotics, enzymes and vitamin production. It is also useful for the cultivation of a variety of microorganisms. Further, it is used in culture media, industry fermentation and the pharmaceutical industry.

Uses Useful in media when undissolved solids are acceptable

Definition The complex combination of various amino acids joined by peptide linkages obtained by the hydrolysis of animal tissue proteins.
General Description Peptone is a vital ingredient of the culture medium, which is produced by the digestion of lean meat with proteolytic enzymes. It is a complex mixture of partially metabolised proteins. Peptone is a source of nutrition for bacterial growth.

Items Specifications

Light yellowish-brown powder

Crude ash after drying ≤15%
Loss on drying ≤7.0%
PH (5% WATER) 4.5-7.0
Amino-nitrongen after drying ≥1.5%
Total nitrongen ≥8.0%
Solubility in water (2% solution) tataldisslved

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