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Potassium thiosulfate KTS

CAS No.: cas  10294-66-3

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cas  10294-66-3

package : 250kg/ drum or 1300kg/IBC drum

K2S2O3 content :50%min

Potassium thiosulfate can be used:

  • For the preparation of aqueous biphasic systems (ABS) for the extraction of organic compounds.
  • For the synthesis of polyacrylonitrile nanoparticles by dispersion/emulsion polymerization.
  • As a reagent for the pretreatment of graphite powder to synthesize graphene oxide from it by Hummers′ method.
  • As an initiator to synthesize organosilicon-based adsorbent to remove iron from crude phosphoric acid.


Item Specifications
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
K2S2O3 content % ≥50
S content % ≥17
Sulphate(SO4-) % ≤0.5
PH (50g/L 25℃) 6.5-9.5

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