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Strontium strontium titanate

CAS No.: 12060-59-2

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Chemical Name: Strontium strontium titanate

Molecular Formula: BaH6OSrTi

Formula Weight: 294.86

CAS No.: 12430-73-8

package : 25kg/bag

Strontium titanate Usage And Synthesis

Chemical Properties Powder. Insoluble in water and most solvents.

Characteristics Strontium strontium titanate , an oxide of strontium and titanium, is chosen as the model system for perovskite ceramics because it is stable in the cubic crystal system above-168℃.
Uses Strontium titanium oxide is used in tunable microwave capacitors, flat panel displays, field emission displays, microwave solitons, PTC thermistors and varistors, magnetic field insensitive thermometers, ultralow-temperature scanning microscopes, semiconductive ceramics, pyroelectric far-infrared detectors and in alloy and catalyst applications. Due to its high melting point and insolubility, strontium titanate has been used as a strontium-90-containing material in radioisotope thermoelectric generators.

Uses In electronics and electrochemical insulation; in photocatalysis; sputtering target for thin film capacitors; substrate for epitaxial growth of high temperature superconductor thin films. Diamond simulant gemstone.
Flammability and Explosibility Non flammable

(List) (Spec.)



(Powder Characteris tics

(SEM) (Particle size) µm 0.2±0.05
(Particle size distribution) D10 µm ≥0.10
D50 µm 0.30~0.50
D90 µm ≤1.50

Specific surface area



 (Moisture:) % ≤0.25
 (Ignition loss) % ≤0.30






(Impurity analysis ) (wt%)

(Purity) % ≥99.9
Ca≤ % 0.005
Al≤ % 0.003
Fe≤ % 0.002
K≤ % 0.001
Cl≤ % 0.005
Mg≤ % 0.005
Si≤ % 0.005
Na≤ % 0.001

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