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Strontium titanate

CAS No.: 12060-59-2

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Chemical Name: Strontium titanate

Molecular Formula: O3SrTi

Formula Weight: 183.49

CAS No.: 12060-59-2

package : 25kg/bag

Strontium titanate Usage And Synthesis

Chemical Properties Powder. Insoluble in water and most solvents.

Characteristics Strontium titanate (SrTiO3), an oxide of strontium and titanium, is chosen as the model system for perovskite ceramics because it is stable in the cubic crystal system above-168℃.
Uses Strontium titanium oxide is used in tunable microwave capacitors, flat panel displays, field emission displays, microwave solitons, PTC thermistors and varistors, magnetic field insensitive thermometers, ultralow-temperature scanning microscopes, semiconductive ceramics, pyroelectric far-infrared detectors and in alloy and catalyst applications. Due to its high melting point and insolubility, strontium titanate has been used as a strontium-90-containing material in radioisotope thermoelectric generators.

Uses In electronics and electrochemical insulation; in photocatalysis; sputtering target for thin film capacitors; substrate for epitaxial growth of high temperature superconductor thin films. Diamond simulant gemstone.
Flammability and Explosibility Non flammable

 (List) (Spec)
Powder characteristics SrTiO3(Mole Ratio) / 0.996~1.000
(Particle size distrib ution) D50  


1.0~ 1.2
(Specific surface area) m2/g 1.7~2.0
 (Moisture:) % ≤0.25
(Ignition loss:) % ≤0.30
(Impurity analysis )


(Purity) % ≥99.9
Ca≤ % 0.005
Al≤ % 0.003
Fe≤ % 0.002
K≤ % 0.001
Sr≤ % 0.005
Mg≤ % 0.005
Si≤ % 0.005
Na≤ % 0.001

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